UT Shield


Signs of Emotional Abuse<\/strong><\/p>“,”#colspan#”],[“Physical<\/strong>“,”Behavioral<\/strong>“],[“

  • Developmental Delays<\/li>
  • Wetting Bed, Pants<\/li>
  • Speech Disorders<\/li>
  • Health Problems (Ulcers, Skin Disorders, Obesity and Weight Fluctuation)<\/li><\/ul>“,”
    • Overly Compliant or Defensive<\/li>
    • Extremely Emotional, Aggressive, Withdrawn, Anxieties, Phobias, Sleep Disorders<\/li>
    • Destructive or Anti-Social Behaviors (violence, cruelty, vandalism, stealing, cheating, lying)<\/li>
    • Inappropriate Behavior for Age (Too Adult, Too Infantile)<\/li>
    • Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors<\/li><\/ul>“]]