UT Shield


Signs of Sexual Abuse<\/strong><\/p>“,”#colspan#”],[“Physical<\/strong>“,”Behavioral<\/strong>“],[“

  • Difficulty sitting, walking, bowel problems<\/li>
  • Torn, stained, bloody undergarments<\/li>
  • Bleeding, bruises, pain, swelling, itching of genital area<\/li>
  • Any sexually transmitted disease or related symptoms<\/li><\/ul>“,”
    • Withdrawn, Depressed, Anxious, Aggression<\/li>
    • Eating disorders, Preoccupation with body<\/li>
    • Poor Peer Relationships, Poor Self-Image, Poor Self-Care, Lack of Confidence<\/li>
    • Sexual Acting Out, Excessive Masturbation, Sexual Behavior or Knowledge that is Advanced or Unusual<\/li>
    • Reports Sexual Abuse<\/li><\/ul>“]]