COVID-19 updates

During this unprecedented time, the University of Texas at Austin has had to make sweeping changes for how we teach and learn while ensuring the safety of our faculty, staff, students and community members. As a result, the Youth Protection Program (YPP) will not host children and youth on our campus this fall. We are allowing UT Austin faculty and staff to provide virtual programming, so there may be opportunities for minors to participate in online university programs.

You can learn more about the university’s fall plans by visiting

Thank you for understanding the university’s position. It is our goal to keep the UT community healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Youth Protection Program

The University of Texas at Austin is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment exists for all staff, students and visitors to the campus. Each year, the university offers many coordinated opportunities for minors to visit our campus. The programs introduce minors to the traditions of the university while providing them with a robust collegiate experience. More importantly, these programs are essential to our mission at the university, because these programs introduce minors to our campus and community. The university recognizes both its institutional and legal obligations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of minors while they are participating in sponsored university programs. To provide a safe environment and life-changing experience, The University of Texas at Austin has created requirements that not only meet the legal expectations but also reflect the institution’s core value of Learning, Discovery, Freedom, Leadership, Individual Opportunity, and Responsibility.

The Youth Protection Program (YPP) was established in 2015 to create a safe environment for minors participating in sponsored university programs. Under the supervision of LeeKeshia Williams, the YPP will provide educational training opportunities and best practices to ensure the safety of future Longhorns. As the Youth Protection Program Director, LeeKeshia will work with faculty and staff to ensure that all camps and programs comply with HOP 3-1710 Youth Protection Program Policy.

If you have questions about hosting a program involving minors, please contact the Youth Protection Program Director, LeeKeshia Williams at or 512-471-0594.