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As social media usage is on the rise, bullying and peer harassment amongst young adolescents are also increasing in the form of cyberbullying. This is an additional article for parents to reference to learn more about what cyberbullying is and how best to prevent it from happening to their children.

Cyberbullying is the intentional harm of another individual through online communication. The most horrifying part of cyberbullying is that it can be done by someone anonymous. Cyberbullying is not only limited to one location like school and is much harder to avoid since devices are accessible even at home or during vacation. In addition, harmful communication,  such as rumors, can spread quickly across social media.

Parents can learn how to help their children if they are being cyberbullied by speaking to and not victimizing them to let them know that it is not their fault. If your child is the one bullying others, parents should help them see what they are doing is wrong and help correct their behavior. This article is found on the ConnectSafely site which has more resources for parents to access to learn more and prevent cyberbullying.


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A Parent’s Guide to Cyberbullying