UT Shield

Ensuring the safety of children is always a priority for parents. Sexual abuse and assault are sensitive yet important topics to discuss with children to protect them. Parents may feel uncomfortable or at a loss with initiating and discussing these with their children. However, parents do not have to even mention the phrase “sexual abuse” or “sexual assault” in the conversation.  

The United Kingdom’s National Society for the Prevention of Child Cruelty (NSPCC) developed “The Underwear Rule” or PANTS mnemonic to help parents enter into a safe and simple conversation that is child-centered and addresses all the essential points that a child should know about protecting themselves from sexual predators. The NSPCC designed several infographics for parents to explain to their children using the PANTS mnemonic about what to do when they are in an unsafe situation and know their own body belongs to them only.  



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The Underwear/ PANTS Rule – Teaching Children their Body is their Own