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Recently, there has been an increasing amount of substance abuse and overdose among teenagers. Many young adolescents have access to social media and have been communicating with strangers through “drug emojis” that can even bypass parental controls and seem harmless. However, parents need to understand “drug emojis” and how to recognize them.

This article from Gabb Wireless introduces a parental guide to how combinations of symbols and images in messaging apps are actually code references for illicit drug trading. The article explains common emoji combinations and other slang words that children are exposed to when accessing social media and advertisements. The guide also provides ways parents can respond to a situation if they believe that their child is involved with using drugs and start a safe and open conversation with them.

Parents can help ensure their children’s safety online by understanding how children are targeted online and having conversations with their children about the risks and dangers of engaging in illicit drug usage.

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A Parent’s Guide To Drug Emoji Messaging