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Spotify is a music and podcast streaming platform that allows users to create an account, compile their own playlists, and “like” their favorite songs. Even though Spotify seems safe enough for children to use independently with some parental guidance, parents still need to take precautions.

In this BBC article and Daily Mail UK article, a parent has warned of online sexual predators that have devised a way to confuse and communicate directly to young children and demand sexually explicit photos of the children. The mother reported that a stranger had communicated with her 11-year-old daughter by creating public playlists and changing the playlist’s title and images to display new messages.

Spotify has also created a separate Spotify Kids for parents to monitor their children’s usage and access content on the listening platform. However, it is not always foolproof, as stated above. Parents can teach their children how to respond to and recognize dangerous situations and help ensure that children know they can tell their parents of any potentially harmful interactions they have encountered. Protecting children’s safety online is essential to ensure that they are physically and emotionally safe while still having the chance to learn and have fun.

Parental Guide to Spotify Kids – https://www.spotify.com/privacy/files/Parental_Guide.pdf

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Daily Mail UK Article – “Warning, Mother Says 11-Year-Old Daughter was Tricked into Uploading Explicit Photos on Spotify” –


Preventing Child Sexual Grooming on Spotify and Other Apps